How to Clean Your Dryer Vent and Other Quick Tips

Some people underestimate the importance of dryer maintenance and cleaning. Do not be one of these people and make sure you are performing regular maintenance and dryer vent cleaning Birmingham, AL. When you fail to remove the clothing’s fibers, dust, and lint, you increase the chances of a fire accident. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that there are several cases of fire caused by residential dryers. To avoid this, proper and regular maintenance is needed.  

Here are some of the quick pre-cleaning tips you can do: 

Follow the instructions provided in your manufacturer’s manual and guide. There are specific instructions for each model of this equipment. 

Educate yourself about the differences between the lint trap vs. dryer vent and lint screen. These two are important tasks, although separated. The dryer lint screen and trap are commonly found inside the door or on the top of the dryer. The lint trap, found below, can be vacuumed or cleaned with a brush.  

clean your equipment at least twice a year. To avoid clogging, which results in over exhaustion and damage, regular maintenance is needed, at least twice a year. However, when you have older machines, you need to clean it as often as necessary.  

How to Clean 

Remove and clean the lint screen 

This maintenance is needed whenever you use the dryer. If you let your screen accumulate lint, there will be an obstruction in the airflow, reducing your dryer’s functionality, and increasing energy consumption.  

Clean the dryer vent 

Even when you clean regularly the lin screen, there are still lint and small fibers that will be accumulated inside your dryer. When you let it pass, this could potentially cause blockage and conflagration inside your dryer. Do not worry. Cleaning it is simple. The common way to remove the dirt and debris is by using a vacuum. However, it is recommended that you seek help from a professional service company. The process might be easy for those homeowners who already have experienced cleaning the dryer vent. It is simple assuming that you have access to the dryer vent by pulling the dryer away from the wall. However, if not, opt for professional help. Most professionals check not just dust and dirt but also objects that obstruct the exterior vent. These can be caused by birds nesting on the area, or rodent and insect infestation. When these occur, skilled experts are really the ones who are advised to do the job because this will require using pesticides or other harmful chemicals that could cause injuries and hazards.  

After the cleaning, turn on your dryer to make sure it is functioning properly. 


If you notice some changes to your dryer system; longer duration for drying, increase in energy consumption, noises, and other signs, it is now time for you to clean your dryer and dryer vent. While this might be an easy task, we recommend asking help from a professional service company.